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We help you invest your money in our portfolio of high growth stocks across the market with our equity portfolio of power stocks.

Real Estate

Our Real Estate plan is the sweet middle. Best for those who want a balance of good returns and medium risk. This plan invests in rented buildings in the US.

Fixed Income

A low-risk asset perfect for anyone who wants to protect their money in a secure, appreciating currency, i.e. the dollar. For people who want to protect their hard-earned money from inflation while earning steady returns.

Co-operative Banking

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Access discounted financial services such as savings, loans and investments ,commodities, capacity building and empowerment at a bargain price in accordance with co-operative principles.

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Bancoop Regulation

Bancoop is a co-operative financial institution offering 1st class co-operative banking services to our numerous members in Nigeria and beyond. Its registered name is Bancoop Trust Society Ltd., a Central Financing Society (CFS) registered under the Nigerian Co-operative Societies Law 2004 CAP 98 LFN but trading as “Bancoop” for its financial services arm and Bancoop Trust for its Money Market and Securities division.


The Focal point of our work at BanCoop is to bring easy to use and access
financial solutions to users like you and many more...

Like everyone, I want to be protected from currency fluctuations and BanCoop helps me with that. The fixed income and real estate asset classes are my preferred things about BanCoop. I see how my returns perform on a daily basis. It demonstrates safety and also puts me at a lower risk of losing money!

I don’t want to invest in separate stocks because I’m not a financial expert and I would rather trust my money in the hands of people like Bancoop who are skilled and knowledgeable.

I chose Bancoop because of its leadership, wealth of knowledge and the people who support them. I invest with Bancoop in order to protect my savings and investment from being depleted by devaluation and inflation that’s at an all-time high in Nigeria.